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Ringtone Creator 2.4 is a professional tool for the conversion of cell phone
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Unwiredtec, Inc.

Ringtone Creator 2.4 is a professional tool for the conversion of cell phone ringtones. This tool is available as a visual converter (for ringtone composers, content providers and aggregators) and as a Java library for on-the-fly ringtone manipulation (for software developers). Ringtone Creator also supports all of the widely available ringtone formats, such as: SP-MIDI, MIDI, SMAF MA1, MA2, MA3, SMAF Phrases, Nokia, IMelody, RTTTL, Motorola, EMelody, Sagem monophonic and polyphonic, CMX, WAVE, MP3, and AMR NB/WB truetone formats. This ringtone creator features some sophisticated algorithms providing excellent results, compensating for the drawbacks of simpler ringtone formats and overcoming the problem with decreased quality, which often results from ringtone conversion. Ringtone Creator is capable of loading thirty different types of damaged files, which have corrupted structures and/or contents. Ringtone Creator will also provide you with a number of advanced processing features which allow you to remove segments from ringtones, reduce polyphony or increase a ringtone's compatibility with certain phones. Wouldn't you love to be able to reduce a ringtone's size without negatively impacting its quality? Ringtone Creator to the rescue! Numerous other advanced features are available to accomplish the most ambitious tasks with high speed and quality!The Ringtone Creator conversion engine can easily be integrated into any development project, written in any programming language by utilizing the Ringtone Creator conversion server, an adjunct component of Ringtone Creator.8 out of 10Limitations:- The evaluation version saves only 10 seconds of the resulting ringtones.

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